Brand Violet, UK indie surfgoth pop punk band

EPs and singles

Brand Violet have released several singles and EPs.  Many of them include “bundled” video content.

Most received some sort of UK terrestrial airplay.

They are available from CDBaby and from iTunes.




The singles include:








The EPs and compilations include:

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EPs and singles




Alien Hive Theme, single, 2004

Head, single, 2005

Voodoo, single, 2005

Sputnik Bride, EP, 2006

The Legend of Ladybeard, EP, 2005

Tapewyrm Records, Segments Volume 1, 2006

It’s not just boys fun, SONY compilation, 2006

Another Hour With Bubblegum Slut, 2006

Short-Playing Pornograph, EP, 2007